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Welcome to Enchanted Dance

The home for online purchase of dancewear, dress-ups and costumes!

One day they are a dragon, another day a fairy princess, the next a pirate searching for hidden treasure! The world of a child’s imagination is an enchanted place filled with wonder, magic, and amazing adventures, a place where they can go anywhere and be anyone or anything!

At Enchanted Dance we have brought together our backgrounds in Early Childhood Education, Dance and Retail, along with our passion for fostering children’s imaginative play to create a range of dress-ups, costumes and accessories that are beautiful, special and can come together to create unique combinations that are value for money and will let a child’s imagination come to life.

With our experience and love of dance we have also created a range of dancewear and accessories that can move the dancer in your life from studio to stage, or even just around the lounge room! As life-long dancers we have a true understanding of a dancer’s needs, wherever they are on their dancing journey, and we can also provide a personalised customer service to guide your choices. Please contact us anytime.

Enchanted Dance; let their imagination come to life!

Selected Products

AUD $6.95 each Flower Headband
AUD $14.95 each Fairy Skirt
AUD $24.95 each Cross-over
AUD $8.95 each Magic Wand


Dress ups for parties!

Costumes and dress ups are part of growing up.

Every kid enjoys a dress up!

We have fairy costumes, pirate outfits and accessories to make your kids' play sparkle with fun!